Special Events

Recreation Directors, Company Picnic Organizers and Special Event Promoters: Rely on PonyShare for All of Your Equine Needs.

Whether you need just one pony for a small gathering or a combination of 20 ponies, cart-pulling minis or trail horses for the adults, we will provide it all and at a very fair price.

To use an old cliche, we know that “If we don’t look good, you don’t look good”, therefore you will not find us unprepared! You can rely on us for providing the adequate number of ponies or horses for your event. Our site supervisor will oversee every detail, from the tidiness of our work area and tack, the grooming and suitability of our ponies and equipment, to the appearance, efficiency and courtesy of our attendants. They will keep the work area spotless and make sure that the children have a great time.

Virtually all of our commercial clients are repeat customers.

Call us for a reference!

So, leave the “headaches” to us, contact us with your specific requirements and we will put together the right “Equestrian Package” at the lowest possible cost.