Do not go by the house number as it could mislead you!

From the South: Intersection of 287 and 78
Take 78W for 2 exits , take exit 24 for Oldwick/523N, make a right at the ramp, go through Oldwick, start up the hill and make first right onto Homestead Road, then 1st left onto Fox Hill Road.

Drive about one mile, go over a small, one car bridge, then make a left onto the second driveway pass the bridge, just before the big Power Lines cross the road.

See white vinyl gates with lamp posts at the entrance.

From the North: Intersection of 206 and 24, Chester
Take 24 West towards Long Valley for about 1 mile, Pass blinking light, sharp curve, make a left As you make a left, take the rightmost part of the fork, Parker Road.
See Chester Police Station on your left as you start on Parker road.

Go to the end of Parker road -see Sunoco station- make a left onto 517S Drive a few miles, go through the Fairmont road intersection (Traffic light, Church, Nursery)
Continue about ½ mile after the intersection, then make a left onto Fox Hill Road.

Drive about ½ mile on Fox Hill Road, go through a stop sign/intersection Continue about ¾ mile, pass Applewood Farm on your right, then see the big Power Lines crossing Fox Hill road. Catch-A-Breeze farm (#28) is the first driveway on the right, immediately after the power lines cross the road. As you turn onto the driveway, you will see white vinyl gates with lamp posts

Do not rely on the numbers as they do not follow a logical sequence!