Birthday Parties

Click here for a Pony Party at your residence
or at Seaton Hackney Stables

“Either way, the kids will talk about it for a very long time!”

 A Party they’ll talk about for a long, long time!

 Our fee for a two-hour party at Seaton Hackney County Stables in Morristown (440 South Street, Morristown, NJ 07960) is a reasonable $675 plus NJ Sales tax!

This fee lets you bring up to 20 kids. Beyond that, we will need an additional $10 per child.

Here is what’s included in your Seaton Hackney Birthday Party:

  • A Hostess and helper(s) for the duration of the party
  • One pony for pony rides
  • One pony-pulled mini-cart for riding (can seat 1-3 kids)
  • A “grooming station” with a miniature horse, donkey, OR pony for the kids to groom, pet, and play with
  • 5 cheese pizzas and 20 juice boxes for the kids and generic paper goods (forks, paper plates, napkins, and tablecloths)
  • A shaded area where the food and (your) cake will be served
  •  ……and, of course, lots and lots of fun!

The party is perfect for children ages 2-10 years old. 

You can also bring your own treats or goodie bags for the kids, as well as some finger food for the adults.

We can provide additional pizzas. (Cheese pizzas are $20 each, toppings are $25

  Smaller Party Options:

1.5 Hours- $545 for 10 kids or less.  Includes two pizzas and juice boxes, pony rides and grooming station.

And we also offer even more fun with other options that include:

  • A horse & attendant for one hour for the adults/teens to ride, recommended for 10yr & up, ($95)
  • Mini lessons for kids with riding experience or older children ages 10-13 ($150)
  • A tractor pulled, “Roller Coaster” Hayride around Seaton Hackney 30ac farm (twice throughout the party ($95)

Please let us know EARLY ON by return email if you’d like us to add any of these!

We are happy to accommodate face painters or other entertainers that you would like to include.

       ….and some other great stuff we may come up with together or we will welcome your own Entertainer.


The two-hour party runs as follows:

1. You should arrive about 20 minutes before your party’s start time to set up and work some
last-minute details and set-up with your hostess.
2. We will greet your guests and talk to them about safety around/on the horses and ponies.
Then the rides will start.
3. Food and drinks should be available about 45 minutes into the party.
4. Ponies and kids take a 15-minute pizza and hay break
5. Rides continue until ~20 minutes before the end of your party
6. Cake is served
Please keep in mind that our staff will be predominantly focused on the animals and safety of
everyone in attendance. It is up to parents and guardians to serve pizza and cake during breaks.

How to reserve your spot
Confirm availability of your desired day and time by filling out the
Reservation Form at,
After confirming, submit a $100 deposit through our website,
We will confirm your reservation by return email.
If you need to cancel due to weather or illness, the deposit can be applied towards another party or
riding activity, good within one year of original party date



Contact Info

Administrative Offices:
Equishare USA LLC/Ponyshare
440 South Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

Phone: (973) 644-3355
Fax: (973) 644-3535

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